Lim Yao Jie

Lim Yao Jie


I am one month late to my reading schedule but at least I've completed The Phoenix Project yesterday. It is about DevOps, wrapped in an entertaining novel, and it was very insightful. Like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, Parts Unlimited managed to undergo a transformation in their operations and saved their business from certain doom.

This was achieved by maintaining shorter build cycles, stronger cohesion between the business, development, operations and security, and improving the constraints around the bottleneck among other principles.

After reading again and browsing the different books available, I am once again pumped to improve my own technical skills so that I can achieve my objective of working in a more challenging and rewarding position!

Here's a list of and books I have planned to read:

  1. Eloquent Ruby - Will pick up this book again and finish it!
  2. Terraform Up and Running
  3. A good kubernetes book (TBD)

Due to the coronavirus I have had my piano lessons cancelled this month, but I've been practising daily at home. Hoping that my left hand would be more relaxed by holding the phone on my right hand more often..

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